Murray Pedal Car

 The Murray station wagon, a childhood classic from years gone by… Rough pastel photoshop brushes were used to create a rusted and paint chipped feel for this digital illustration. The pedal car reference (see images below) were my inspiration. (Photoshop/Illustrator)


Jaguar XK-E

Jaguar_XK-E_WA British classic from the late 60’s. My digital graphic illustration (above) was created using a limited color palette (shadow, midtone and highlights). I chopped the windows for a sleeker look. Then added a little rough texture for interest (see below middle) . The “Jag” reference (see photos below ) was my inspiration. (Photoshop)Jaguar_XK-E_Detail_W

Vintage Detroit Iron

Vintage_Detroit_Iron_WMy interest in Hotrods and Customs started in the mid 90’s after illustrating a couple of Posters (traditional illustration) for the Detroit Autorama. The reference (see image below left) is one from my collection of photos from the Woodward Dream Cruise. The distressed painted metal (see image below right) was the starting point for the background texture. (Photoshop)


39 Ford


This custom beauty was spotted on a trip to the Carlisle Car Show with my father in 2009 (see images below left). The car was drawn using a charcoal brush (see image below middle). I love to use texture to add interest to my digital paintings. (Photoshop)39_Ford_Custom_Photos_W

60 Thunderbird

60_Thunderbird_WThe car designs of the late 50’s were beautiful to the artistic eye. With their long sleek profiles and wonderful tailfins. My digital graphic illustration (above) was created by using a limited color palette and simplifying shapes. Then a body color change to sharpen the curves. The “T-Bird” (see photo below middle) was found and shot at the Meadowbrook Concours d’Elegance Car Show in Rochester Hills. (Photoshop/Illustrator)