39 Ford


This custom beauty was spotted on a trip to the Carlisle Car Show with my father in 2009 (see images below left). The car was drawn using a charcoal brush (see image below middle). I love to use texture to add interest to my digital paintings. (Photoshop)39_Ford_Custom_Photos_W


Detroit Zoo



This digital painting (see above) is one of a collection of “Distinctly Detroit Memories” promotional illustrations. The inspirational “Dramatic Perspective” images and the actual “Zoo Train” photo reference (see image below bottom) inspired my rough sketch (see image below top). (Photoshop/Illustrator)




Merry Christmas

Merry_Christmas_Lights_WJust having a little illustrative fun with a strand of curling multicolor Christmas lights. Happy Holidays 2014! My rough idea and color sketch (see image below top). The Christmas lights, snowflakes and type were created using Illustrator (see image below right and left). The texture (see image below middle) came from a bad photocopy. (Photoshop/Illustrator)