Capital Lights At Night


This rough sketch illustration was inspired by some paintings I stumbled upon at the Iron Horse Hotel & Bar and the illuminated capital on a resent trip to Milwaukee and Madison WI. I used a soft digital pencil for the overall dark shapes (see image below) and kept my palette limited to 8 colors. (Photoshop)



Detroit Zoo



This digital painting (see above) is one of a collection of “Distinctly Detroit Memories” promotional illustrations. The inspirational “Dramatic Perspective” images and the actual “Zoo Train” photo reference (see image below bottom) inspired my rough sketch (see image below top). (Photoshop/Illustrator)




60 Thunderbird

60_Thunderbird_WThe car designs of the late 50’s were beautiful to the artistic eye. With their long sleek profiles and wonderful tailfins. My digital graphic illustration (above) was created by using a limited color palette and simplifying shapes. Then a body color change to sharpen the curves. The “T-Bird” (see photo below middle) was found and shot at the Meadowbrook Concours d’Elegance Car Show in Rochester Hills. (Photoshop/Illustrator)