For over 30 years, as an Illustrator and Artist, I have worked to create illustrations and graphics that enhanced a product or tell a story.

I studied art at Ringling School of Art and Center for Creative Studies (1980 Recipient of the Gordon Scholarship). During my 3 years at CCS I was introduced to illustration through the great works of N.C. Wyeth, Norman Rockwell, Mark English, Robert Heindel, Bart Forbes and Micheal Schwab. They all had a big influence on my traditional style and technique. While at Ringling and CCS I was encouraged by 3 great instructors that mentored and challenged me (Robert Osborne – Ringling, Mike Mikos – CCS and Don McLean – CCS).

I worked at 2 major Detroit Studios (McLean & Friends and Skidmore Studio) and as a freelance illustrator to create both traditional and digital illustrations. My illustrations have received numerous awards (Scarab Club, Caddy Awards, The D Show and Print Magazine).

I have included 3 portfolios, one is a collection of some of my favorite traditional illustrations (1981-1999), the second is a collection of some of my favorite digital illustrations (1999-2015) and the third is a collection of some of my favorite technical illustrations (1999-2015). The posts (that I hope to add monthly) are paintings I have created digitally since 2009.

As an artist and illustration instructor I will use these blog posts to share my current digital work and show examples of my illustrative process.  Enjoy!


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